We are the Dungeon Masters



Jake has been playing and DMing for roughly 6 years, having gotten a slightly more “unconventional” introduction to the game-watching YouTube. He enjoys D&D because of the creative freedom he can express, which is pretty crucial since his favorite campaign style is a fusion of Game of Thrones and anime. This style of game is great for a serious story line, while allowing for jokes and the personality of the players to shine. It’s also a perfect place for everyone’s (and specifically Jake’s) favorite jerks- vampires. 



Paul was introduced to D&D by reading his dad’s white box D&D books and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons , but regularly daydreamed about the fantastical worlds that TTRPGs had to offer. He has been DMing for roughly 14 years, starting with simple campaigns and one shot, but progressing to much more in-depth stories for the last decade. He prefers to run expansive campaigns that allow for character development, with a setting usually in the Sci-Fi or urban fantasy realms. These settings perfectly allow for Paul’s favorite character, the Wendigo.



Nacho got his start with D&D about 20 years ago. Unlike most kids who learn to read with Dr. Seuss, he was taught to read by his father using 2nd edition. While he’s been familiar with he game for decades, he didn’t get his start with DMing until a year ago. His preferred campaign style is a combination of high fantasy and politics. His favorite monsters are githyanki due to their history, psionic abilities, and multi-plane raiding, allowing for a higher level of versatility for encounters.



Clint got his start playing with his childhood friend with Advanced D&D. He’s been DMing on his own for about 3 years, primarily running campaigns with a heavy nautical theme. It should come as no surprise that his favorite monster is the hydra. His favorite aspect of DMing is world creation and lore development.


Jordan is the newest member to the DM Vault team. She herself has been DMing for a year, but has played on and off since college. What started as one campaign has expanded into several across the week for her. She’s all about campaigns based on history, filled with role-play and story-driven. Monster wise, shes about the classics, her favorites being a dragon or phoenix. Having a psych degree is really what fuels her love of the game; watching how DMs and players handle real world problems symobilcally, as well as how this game can bring people together.