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As a DM, or even a player, you look at a battle mat and sometimes it’s hard to see whats going on without some physical item. Not everyone can afford or make miniatures, let alone lug them around for every campaign, and not everyone wants to use random bits of chips, pennies, or gum as characters or creatures. You want some thing that represents you or an image to strike fear into your players before they fight The Big Bad. That’s where Dave and Tactical tokens come in! These high-res premium epoxied images are perfect for any TTRPG, using the premade designs or customizing your own!



Welcome to the world of Tikor! This is an RPG setting that embraces the non-stereotypical campaign models- women and men as equals, variations of darker skin that isn’t confined to a singular continent or class. Based in pre-colonial Africa, Brandon and his colleagues have developed a world that is rich in culture, diversity, and history. Interested in running this campaign or finding out more? Take a look at all of Brandon’s sites and see what tickles you’re fancy! 





Who knew dice could look so good-or edible! Marc Schubert has sure got a sweet tooth with designs like Mint Chocolate Crit, Neo, and Orange Dream. Head over to his kickstarter if you want to order a scoop of your favorite flavor!